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Schloss and Burg Sayn


Well, I have really not been good about keeping my blog up to date. I have been doing a lot of travelling and seen some beautiful sights, and I will have to get better about sharing them.

So, last month, my husband and I (I’ve actually gotten married since my last update!) took a trip to Schloss and Burg Sayn in Bendorf-Sayn, Germany. There is a pretty little butterfly garden in front of the castle that was cute and interesting. I was not all that impressed with the castle itself. There wasn’t much to it. I expect more from the word, “castle”. No one was even guarding it! My husband and I literally accidently walked through two additional levels that were closed to the public, before we realized it was off-limits! (The other levels were nothing special, anyway, just offices.)

Next to the castle are the ruins of what is known as a “Burg”. While the english definition of a Burg is also “castle”, a burg is actually a bit different. They are usually the ruins of a castle fortress that was guarded back in the Middle Ages. The castle itself was more grandiose and where the nobility actually lived. The Burg Sayn was actually more interesting than the castle itself, in my opinion. It was much bigger and you just had to wonder about the history of it! As I walk through it, I just have to imagine what life was like back then.