Monthly Archives: February 2015

You have a story.


Everyone has a story. Everyone’s life is significant. Sure, we all have our boring parts, but events, even trivial ones, that occur throughout our day make us the person that we are at this moment.

Keeping a pkkkindexersonal blog or a diary to note happenings in your life is a good idea. If you ever want to summarize it and then put all the best stuff in a book later, your notes will help you remember all the details. Once you start writing, you’ll be amazed how easily the words flow!

What you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner might not be interesting reading, unless, of course, there was something special to remember about it. We all have good life stories. We may envy the lives of celebrities, but even their lives are not always perfect. Let a famous entertainer put their life story into a book, however, and it just flies off the shelves!  At the same time, the majority of everyday people have even better stories, because they are full of trials and errors, good and bad, tragedies and happiness. They’re not always success stories, and that’s okay.

Start keeping track of your life as soon as you can. You don’t even have to share it with anyone. Through the years, you will be amazed at how much you’ve changed, and will come to realize how you became the wonderful person you are today!