Don’t call it a diet!




When you refer to your plan of eating less or eating differently in your attempt to lose weight as a “diet”, you are destined to fail at your attempt!

The reason being is that “going on a diet” already manifests itself in your mind as a temporary solution to your normal eating routine, and you are certain that you will soon be slim and trim. Well, that might work for a while, but do you really think that by “temporarily” changing your eating habits is going to keep you that way? Think about it!

The word “diet” somehow gives us the idea that we are doing something differently that is going to change the way we look forever. However, our “diet” really consists of what we eat on a daily basis. So, even if you eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast, that is your “diet”, whether you want to call it that or not.

Let me say this – most so-called “diets” that I’ve tried DO work! As long as I work them. But, as soon as I stop, I put the old weight back on, and then some. I don’t really think that I need to tell you that if you stick to a “diet” of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, you will lose weight and keep it off. Heck, I know that myself! But, do I follow that routine? No!

OK, I am not proclaiming to be an expert here. I am not saying that there are any magic tricks to change our way of thinking about what we eat. The true secret lies in our desire to follow through with a plan or not. If we really want to, we can do it.

I, for one, am just through with dishing out money for all of these wonderful “diets” I read about. All I’m doing is making other people richer, and myself fatter. My “diet’ will consist of whatever I choose to eat. However, I am going to try to practice will-power. I will cook and eat smaller portions. I will stop bringing home snacks that will haunt me in my dreams. Yes, I’m sure I’ve said this before. I really mean it this time. I know – said that before, too. But, maybe, just maybe, if I put it out here and share it with the world, I just might stick to it. We’ll see…

About iwant2belikeme

I am a freelance writer, audiobook narrator and occasional movie extra. I currently live in the small town of Fischbach bei Dahn, Germany, which is very close to the French border. I have previously lived throughout the US. I have traveled quite a bit, and love to share pictures! I also enjoy music and the nightlife! I probably should have started a blog a long time ago but I will now start sharing my stories and pictures for those who may be interested!

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