Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why Aren’t You Blogging?


There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t have a blog these days. A basic blog can be had for free, and they are so user-friendly that just about anyone can figure out how to publish their writings.

Think your life is too boring? Well, ok, maybe you won’t have a huge following of people who are interested in what you had for breakfast – or maybe you could. If you make it funny, or if you include recipes. Who knows? The possibilities are endless!

You could kkkkindexeep a blog as sort of a personal diary. Or, you can have a blog that would be interesting information for others. Theme blogs work well. If you post on a certain topic, you may have a lot of interaction from others who are passionate on the subject.

There are ways to make money with a blog. If someone would care to share some of them with me, feel free. I am still just blogging ‘for fun’ at the moment, however, I have no problems with earning money. I guess I just haven’t gotten around to focusing on that aspect yet.

Either way, blogging is fun and everyone should be doing it. It helps get you published and your name out there! Just think of all the people you can help – not to mention your future generations someday looking back and reading your works. Food for thought, isn’t it?