You can make soup!


If you can’t cook anything else, you can make soup!

For a very simple variation, you can start by making a broth using bouillion cubes. Using the ratio of bouillion cubes to water as instructed on the cubes’ packaging, you can make as much broth as you think is necessary for the amount of soup you want to make.ef Leave room in the pot to add more water or cubes, depending on your taste.

Then, you can add any type of vegetables that you like. I like carrots, onions, potatoes, celery and corn. You can also add noodles or rice. I personally avoid the rice, though, because rice expands quickly and soaks up all your broth, so you have to be very careful there. If you wish to add meat, you can add any kind of leftover cooked meat that you already have, or canned cooked chicken works, as well.

And that, folks, is my version of a simple and easy soup, and anyone can do it!

About iwant2belikeme

I am a freelance writer, audiobook narrator and occasional movie extra. I currently live in the small town of Fischbach bei Dahn, Germany, which is very close to the French border. I have previously lived throughout the US. I have traveled quite a bit, and love to share pictures! I also enjoy music and the nightlife! I probably should have started a blog a long time ago but I will now start sharing my stories and pictures for those who may be interested!

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