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Forget Laws – Let Karma Take Over


So, what if there was no law? After all, some laws are just plain ridiculous, aren’t they? There are numerous sites where you can check on states’ crazy laws that are still in effect from days gone by. Clearly, lots of them are not being enforced anymore – such as this one in Paulding, Ohio: Policemen may bite a dog if it needs to be calmed down.

Some laws are just petty, and people are still in jail for minor crimes committed many years ago.

coconut-on-the-beach-1410034OK, again – what if there were no laws? If someone did something to your child, you would be able to perform your own sort of justice on them. You could get revenge on someone who did you wrong, and not have to worry about the repercussions.

The sad part is that when you harm others, even if they do you wrong, it also comes back to you.

If nature were to take its course, karma would figure out a way to give everyone back whatever they put into the universe.

Food for thought, eh?