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You Are Who You’re With


I am sure that you were told by your parents or other adults when you were younger that you had to stay away from certain people because they were bad influences. Well, I’ve come to find out that that is true, actually. I just wish that I had known then what I know now. However, no amount of what my parents did to try to keep me away from certain friends or relationships didn’t work. In fact, it became more intriguing and made me want to do just the opposite.

For the most part, I hung around with a decent crowd. But then I met that one friend who liked to shoplift – and then taught me how to do it. And it was fun. Fortunately for me, I was too worried about the consequences of being caught to do it for very long, and made up my own mind to stay away from that person.

Then came the romantic relationships. I tried my best to take interests in the habits of my men-friends. It didn’t always work out. For instance: I gave up meat because my first husband was a vegetarian. That only caused me to become fat because I ate a shitload of pasta. There are lots of small things, too, like trying to like a certain type of music that they listen to; dealing with certain friends of theirs that you really don’t like; watching sports that don’t interest you. On the other hand, you do expand your horizons and learn new things. Sometimes you might even find you enjoy these new things.

340660_2996171910912_149108097_oMy second husband, who I’m currently married to, is a biker. It is a whole new world that has opened up for me. We travel and go to lots of parties, which I can say is something that I have been able to take an interest in. Except for all the late nights – they seem to take their toll on me. After all, I’m no spring chicken anymore, you know.

I’d like to think that at some point I’ve influenced some people to be like me. I am aware that a lot of my interests are mine alone, and that not everyone shares in my choice of music. But I can be pretty fun to be around, if I do say so myself. My diversity and love of life would be something that I would like to bring to and leave behind in every relationship that I have.



Why are Americans such prudes?


Living in Europe, as I have for the past 5 years, I’ve actually had to step back and take a look at some of the things I’ve been brought up to think. Especially as it pertains to sex and nudity.

In the US, we’ve been pretty much trained to think that sex should be confined to the bedroom, when, in fact, sex is all around us, every day. Why are we taught to look the other way and ignore it?

In Europe, you may se12065726_10207325644486948_2823766775529907225_ne someone walking around in their own backyard in their underwear. Or, possibly, maybe even in the buff. (Which is rare, don’t worry!) However, if you were to question it (and most Europeans wouldn’t), they would just ask you what the difference is between them walking around in their underwear or in their bathing suit. And, they have a point. Rig

Even on European TV, children regularly see boobs or other nudity. Soft porn (which isn’t all that soft, if you
ask me) commercials run on local channels. Granted, they don’t come on until the evening, but still… There is no way of blocking children from seeing it. And it’s no big deal!
I sometimes wonder about the possibility of some poor European visiting the US and being locked up as a sex offender, when, in fact, they did absolutely nothing wrong! OK, an American, knowing what the laws and ‘rules’ are, would know that they were doing something wrong. But not a European!

An example: quite common for them to urinate in public. Well, of course they don’t stand there with their privates hanging out, but they may go up to a bush or a tree and do their thing. In the US, they would be arrested for public indecency and probably listed as a sex offender!

Why so uptight, America?? Where is the real problem here? Honestly. Think about it. We are born naked! It shouldn’t be so shameful to not be clothed. The human body is something to appreciate, in all its shapes and sizes.

Is it because there are some women who get upset and worried that their husband might visit a nudie bar, and see another woman naked besides themselves? Maybe if they lightened up a little, the husband would want to spend more time at home. Besides, sex makes the world go ’round, and many a deal has been made after treating clients to a little fun. Sex and even sexuality makes people happy and lighten up.

Often, the very proper zealous religious fanatic groups will take a stand against such activity. It often makes me wonder´- if they are so into making this a perfect world, why don’t they lighten up and live and let live? Who knows, being a little less uptight might make them happier people, too.

Why, America? Why?