Seriously – what if there were no religion?


John Lennon’s much loved song, “Imagine” tried to get us to think about what the world would be like without religion. People love that song, but does anyone really think about what it actually means? Does anyone really imagine what a world without religion would be like?

So many hate crimes going on the world today are based on religion. Basically, it’s all about “my God is better than your God”. So people kill over it.

Yet, it’s crazy. It’s senseless killing to try to prove a point. It’s all in attempts try to prove who is holier. By killing? Seriously?

To top it off, no God has ever been proven to exist. That’s mind-boggling! It’s also hard to believe that there are so few atheists. So many people are afraid of the consequences of not believing. As intelligent as society proclaims to be, people are afraid to not believe. Why??

So, just think about it. What if it were true? What if there were no God? Can you imagine
14680964_10210339319226933_3445231365751080852_othen what a peaceful world it would be? Or would it be chaotic because people are no longer afraid of going to Hell? Would the true nature of people then be revealed? Would people continue to kill just because that was their true nature all along?

Who knows? One thing that is certain, though, is that people are easily fooled. We wonder how some cults can corrupt young (and sometimes old) minds. But, hasn’t this been going on for centuries?

But, what if…?

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  1. Every civilization in human history grew up around religion.

    That means without religion there can be no civilization.

    Modern European philosophers like Marx, Hegel and Nietzsche were successful in getting Western Europeans to forsake God and Christianity.

    The results were the greatest blood baths in human history:

    1. World War I – 17 million

    2. World War II – 64, million (12 million of whom were murdered in the NAZI genocide)

    3. The atheist-led genocides in the Soviet Union and Mao’s China – 100 million.

    It was only the Christian United States having become a hyper power that ended all that and kept the world from nuclear holocaust.

    Additionally, the atheist hatred for Christianity has had the unintended but totally predictable side effect of once again releasing the Islamic Jihad from its Middle Eastern confines.

    • You do raise some good points, silenceofmind. Thank you! It’s true, every civilization has grown up around religion. Yet, what has been proven? I believe that Jesus may have been a real person, but the story is a little far-fetched. It appears, however, that wars are started both for and against religion. War is an extreme way to go, but…. who was right?

      • My argument is not necessarily an argument for Christianity. Aztec religion was very bloody and violent, yet it spawned a culture which developed a civilization.

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