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A Little Cheat Can Have Big Consequences


Cheating never seems so bad to the cheater. Sometimes it might really not be anything. There could come a time when you just want to give someone a simple kiss. (Yes, it could happen!) But a more meaningful kiss, such as with the tongue…? Well, that somehow never seems like such a bad thing to the partner who did it. But it can be devastating to the partner who’s had their heart ripped out over it.

When such an act is found out, there will always be doubts as to whether you can be trusted. After all – you know good and well that if you went so far as to French kiss someone, it wouldn’t take much more to take things a little further.

And, yes, even then you may have not taken it as seriously. It may have just been a few hours of fun to you. You and the person you cheated with just lived for the moment and let your bodies do what came naturally. No big thing, right?

sBut once you’ve cheated on your partner and gotten away with it, you probably wouldn’t have a problem doing it again. And again. The first “cheat” is usually the hardest because you do know it’s wrong. Then, once you’ve done it, you probably think, “Eh, what the heck.”

If you really love your partner, why would you even risk losing them over something so trivial? Why would you want to hurt them? Isn’t your life great when you are on a level with someone when you can share everything with them and not let the thoughts of another person distract you?

And, yes, sending flirty text messages that you know would upset your partner is wrong.  But you knew that.

If you’re not having sex right now, read this.


Somewhere in the world, someone’s having sex. OK, there are probably lots and lots of people having sex right now. Surely you’ve had sex a time or two. Depending on your status and your age, the reason for your sex act may differ. That’s because the meanings and thoughts of sex change as you get older. Even though you get better at it with time, you may end up slowing down at some point.

When you’re younger, you have a lot of pent-up desire that needs to be released. A new relationship also sees a lot of “action” in the beginning. That’s because you are learning new things about each other. Your thoughts throughout the day are consumed with what you did the night before, along with stuff you want to try. Naturally, by the time you get together again, your bodies are raging with passion.

10557472_10204179914085654_4627389960411584773_nOnce you’ve been together for a while, you know exactly what it takes to please your partner. Sex is good, but the head games have cooled down. For some, this works out perfectly. Others, however, may get bored and search elsewhere. The older you are, the more you are likely to stick with it. It’s just safer that way, for the most part. Others may need a little more adventure.

Either way, have fun. I am going to end this so we can all get back to it.


Don’t Fucking Read This!


There are so many people who would rather choose to find fault in something than focus on the message that that person is trying to get across. For instance, if I fill this blog post up with choice words such as fucking and shit, there would be those PC do-gooders that gasp in horror and not read what I have to say. Of course, there are those who may find this more interesting because of the fact that there are curse words in it.

Since this post may not provide anyone with anything of real value, it probably doesn’t if the Gaspers quickly exit my page. However, there are times when someone is passionate about something and uses choice words to describe it. What does it even matter? They are trying to get a point across in the best way they know how. By using these words, you know that they are doing their best to express it.

Do these words harm you in any way? You may be missing out on important information by turning a deaf ear on someone.

17202752_10154993549175941_6483871006561412311_nAlso, when you happen to see someone doing something wrong that doesn’t conform to “The Rules”, could you get over it? If it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life, can you just let it go?

I’m sure that police are often called because someone simply broke the law. They didn’t harm themselves or anyone else, but someone saw them doing something they shouldn’t have. They then felt it was their duty to report it. Can’t you people just leave the police alone to attend to the more important matters in life?

OK, that’s my rant. I warned you from the beginning not to fucking read it. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you found it entertaining.


What’s Wrong With Me Eating My Cake?


I can never understand why people make it seem like it’s such a bad thing to have your cake and eat it, too? I mean, cake is good! But that’s besides the point. OK, if I earned a piece of cake, I deserve to eat it. Achieving your goals in life, means you deserve a reward. When you receive an award, you should also be allowed to enjoy it.

I will be the first to admit that I want my cake, and to eat it, too. If that makes me selfish or anything else, then so be it.cake-2459954_1280