Why You Might Never Want To Meet Your Idols


I’d rather not mention names here, but as fortune would have it, I actually met and even became friends with a singer who I had idolized for many years. I first heard of him when he was with a somewhat popular band, and followed his solo career when he left the group. I had a sort of a teenage crush on him and was a little obsessed, quite frankly.

I finally had the opportunity to go to one of his concerts in Germany. I thought for sure it would be at a huge concert hall with thousands of people. As fortune would have it, it was quite small, and I even got to meet him and hang out with him before the show! When I first saw him standing outside of the venue, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I know I acted totally stupid, I mean, here he was, just standing here and talking to me!! And we were like, just, hanging out!

The next time he came through, I was there. And he recognized me! So, we hung out a little before the show again, and he told me that I would love the opening band. He was right. They were incredible!

Well, after attending a few more shows since then, we were friends. Not only were we friends, but I became close friends with the opening band.

So now things are weird. It’s not weird as in our friendship being weird. It’s weird in the fact that I want to be that star-struck fan again, but now it’s different. I’m still insane about their music and I still scream and dance around like crazy at all their shows.

11200805_10206214327024706_4085956511866190911_n (2)But now I hang out with them backstage and even have their telephone numbers. Every fan’s dream, right?

Don’t get me wrong. It is a dream come true. But now I’ve gotten to know them as people. I know about their personal lives. I know about things they deal with. I’ve come to find out that they are normal, everyday people.

What I really wanted was to know them as the insane people they portray onstage. I wanted to think of them as dangerous.

Instead, I’ve met some wonderful people who have some of the same struggles as I do. They stick together and look out for each other. They have families that they miss and leave behind as they tour the world. They are so normal!

Getting to know your idols in person can change your whole perspective of them. That can be both good and bad.


About iwant2belikeme

I am a freelance writer, audiobook narrator and occasional movie extra. I currently live in the small town of Fischbach bei Dahn, Germany, which is very close to the French border. I have previously lived throughout the US. I have traveled quite a bit, and love to share pictures! I also enjoy music and the nightlife! I probably should have started a blog a long time ago but I will now start sharing my stories and pictures for those who may be interested!

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