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You can make soup!


If you can’t cook anything else, you can make soup!

For a very simple variation, you can start by making a broth using bouillion cubes. Using the ratio of bouillion cubes to water as instructed on the cubes’ packaging, you can make as much broth as you think is necessary for the amount of soup you want to make.ef Leave room in the pot to add more water or cubes, depending on your taste.

Then, you can add any type of vegetables that you like. I like carrots, onions, potatoes, celery and corn. You can also add noodles or rice. I personally avoid the rice, though, because rice expands quickly and soaks up all your broth, so you have to be very careful there. If you wish to add meat, you can add any kind of leftover cooked meat that you already have, or canned cooked chicken works, as well.

And that, folks, is my version of a simple and easy soup, and anyone can do it!

The Food You Don’t See….


OK, so my brother-in-law is a butcher. No, really, a real old-fashioned butcher! And he raises deer, g10177884_10203318340586855_461634858936314487_noats and chickens and slaughters them himself. He is also a great cook, and does catering for special events. However, I refuse to eat any of the animals that he slaughters. And yet, I am not a vegetarian. I just have a problem with eating the animals that I’ve fed or petted or interacted with.

But I’ve been trying to get myself over that mindset. After all, this is meat from animals that lived well. I know that for a fact. I know where they come from. I know that these animals are healthy. The meat that you buy in the store – these poor animals were tortured. They live in terrible conditions. They are mistreated. They are injected with things that I have no idea what they are, yet I would rather eat them and put that stuff in my body for some unknown reason. I sort of justify it by thinking that these poor animals are better off dead than living the way that they do.

Alright, I could become a vegetarian and put an end to eating any kind of meat. But, I would be lying to myself. Because I love bacon!! And hamburgers! Well, I could certainly cut down on my meat intake, and I don’t have to eat meat every day, but I wouldn’t want to lie and say I’m going vegetarian, because I already know I would ‘slip’.

And, for those who would tell me that this would be a good reason to become a vegetarian – I have another argument for that. Actually, the vegetables that you buy in the store are not always the best, either. You don’t know what they’ve been sprayed with or what’s been pumped in them to make them look good and grow fast. You could still be putting toxic things in your body. Just because it says ‘organic’ on the label, doesn’t mean it necessarily is. Growing your own vegetables in your own backyard would be the only way to go. And, who has time for that?

The food that you don’t see before you eat it, whether it be meat or vegetables, is not necessarily good for you. So, what’s a person to do?

Yes, you can be a great cook!

Yes, you can be a great cook!

I’ve always enjoyed trying different recipes. I was always afraid to venture off and change anything about them, because I was afraid it wouldn’t come out right. Somewhere along the line, I became a little adventurous, because I began to think about how if I would just change this or that in a recipe, it would taste better. To me, at least. And that’s when I remembered watching a cooking show many years ago which featured the late Cajun cook, Justin Wilson. He would say that you add certain ingredients ‘to taste”. As he generously added hot sauce to his dishes, he made the comment: “Whose taste? Myyyyy taste!”

So, there you have it. When you are adding things that YOU like to a recipe, you can’t go wrong! OK, well, there are certain things you have to be careful about. Baking a cake, for instance. You do need to be careful with the whole flour, baking powder, eggs, thing, etc, because you do want it to bake properly and still be a cake in the end. If you are going to substitute an ingredient, make sure you research how much of something equals to the item you want to substitute. But feel free to add raisins, nuts, chocolate – whatever your heart desires – and make it your own! When it come to main dishes – spice it up or tone it down. Hey, you could even enter recipe contests! After all, it is your own, original idea, isn’t it? Wait – why didn’t I think of that? Well, see you later. I’ve got some recipe contests to enter!