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Don’t Fucking Read This!


There are so many people who would rather choose to find fault in something than focus on the message that that person is trying to get across. For instance, if I fill this blog post up with choice words such as fucking and shit, there would be those PC do-gooders that gasp in horror and not read what I have to say. Of course, there are those who may find this more interesting because of the fact that there are curse words in it.

Since this post may not provide anyone with anything of real value, it probably doesn’t if the Gaspers quickly exit my page. However, there are times when someone is passionate about something and uses choice words to describe it. What does it even matter? They are trying to get a point across in the best way they know how. By using these words, you know that they are doing their best to express it.

Do these words harm you in any way? You may be missing out on important information by turning a deaf ear on someone.

17202752_10154993549175941_6483871006561412311_nAlso, when you happen to see someone doing something wrong that doesn’t conform to “The Rules”, could you get over it? If it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life, can you just let it go?

I’m sure that police are often called because someone simply broke the law. They didn’t harm themselves or anyone else, but someone saw them doing something they shouldn’t have. They then felt it was their duty to report it. Can’t you people just leave the police alone to attend to the more important matters in life?

OK, that’s my rant. I warned you from the beginning not to fucking read it. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you found it entertaining.