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Racism Is Natural


If you say or do anything regarding a person of a different color or religion of your own, you are immediately labeled a racist. But, guess what? Everyone is a racist. It’s natural! OK, so racism sucks, but it’s still natural.

Consider this: Have you ever observed how animals interact? Take chickens, for example. If you have brown, black and white chickens, observe how they pair up and stick together. You will notice that the old saying is true – birds of a feather flock together. You will see that they stick to other chickensĀ of the same color. No idea why that is, but it’s just the way it is. It’s nature.


We are told not to stereotype. Stereotyping is seen as a bad thing. However, think about it – people may do what they do because they are brought up differently, with different cultures and lifestyles. What may be perfectly acceptable in one country is not necessarily acceptable in another. For instance, nudity is not seen as a bad thing in many European countries. Yet, if a German were to walk around in his underwear in the US, he may be arrested for indecent exposure and possibly have to register as a sex offender, to boot.

So why is it a bad thing to say anything about another race or culture, when it is clear that people are brought up differently and with various beliefs? How do we decipher what is right or wrong to say? Who says that by having racist thoughts we can’t still live in harmony? Maybe we just need to understand each other and where we come from better. Either way, politically correctness has made it to where we have to ignore the truth.