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The Key To Success Is Sticking To Your Plan


When you decide to be your own boss, you’ll find that you have to be tougher on yourself than any other boss you’ve ever had. The best way to be successful is by setting goals and reaching them. In order to do that, you have to create a plan and stick to it, and that takes a lot of discipline!

checklist-1643781__340Mapping out your plan and following it is important, but your plan should be monitored and altered constantly. Times and trends change, so you have to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. If you see that one method isn’t working, it’s time to come up with a change of plan.

If something isn’t working, it’s redundant to keep doing the same things. Whatever you do, don’t give up! If your idea was good for you, chances are, there are millions of other people who will benefit from it. Come up with new ideas. Change your approach. Do whatever it takes to make the money you need to survive, and, better yet, to be successful.

Read often and study what other people are doing to be successful.  Be sure to create your own methods and use your own style. That is what is going to make your product unique. When you make that leap to go into business for yourself, you have to be the strictest boss and the most hard-working employee, all in one. No matter what your niche is, the route to the top is all the same!

No matter what your niche is, the route to the top is all the same!


Are survey sites wasting your time?

Are survey sites wasting your time?

If you’ve been complaining about not having enough time to do the things you want to do, yet you spend lots of time trying to make a couple extra dollars doing surveys or working on sites that pay you literally in pennies, like Amazon Turks, etc. I’ve got something to say to you: Quit the time-wasters, surveys, Turks, etc! Don’t waste your precious time on those penny jobs! Do you even realize how much time you spend answering questions that even qualify you for taking that $2.00 survey that will take you at least a half hour to do? And, sure, there are a few Turks that pop up that are worth your while. You’ll find them every now and then. But you’ll spend a lot of your time looking for those, while you do the penny ones that you come across in between.

Quit the time-wasters, and before you know it, you’ll have more time for exercise, blogging,  going for walks, doing something fun with your kids or other projects. Keep yourself on a schedule, and actually plan on what you are going to do with your free time. Keep your off-days your off-days. You need them! You really do. Take some time to actually enjoy life. Yeah, and you know that long to-do list you’ve had going? Just watch how things start getting crossed off of it. You won’t even notice the difference that not having those few extra pennies make.

OK, don’t get me wrong. I realize you need extra money, which is why you were doing those trivial tasks in the first place. And that is not going to change. You will still need extra money. We are talking about the time you are wasting on these penny jobs versus time you could be spending on doing other things.

If you still need extra money, get a second JOB! Now, this could also be something that you do online from home. But make sure it is a real job, where you actually GET PAID FOR YOUR TIME! Obviously, you won’t be freeing up time for fun stuff when you take on another job. BUT – you will have more MONEY to enjoy those rare moments of free time that you do have. After all, we can’t have everything, can we?

What are your real reasons for wanting to work from home?


So many people these days talk about how much they would love to work from home. More and more people are, in fact, doing just that. But before you give up that day job, you should really think about what working from home entails.

Many people tell me that they want to work from homcase to be able to spend more time with their families. In fact, many work at home jobs, (especially the ones that are scams!) use the line, “Work from home – spend more time with your family” to lure people in.

Think of it this way, you are “working” from home. Get it? “Working.” So, that doesn’t mean you are going to be home, playing outside with the kids, or holding your newborn baby. OK, you can, if you want to. But, will that pay off? How much money do you think you’ll earn for that? Yes, your family will be around, but most likely, they will be distractions as you really try to get some work done. I remember myself, years ago, when I worked in the “real world” and left home to work every day, I actually felt like going to work was a break from all the monotony at home with kids crying and things of that nature.

If you think your home will be cleaner, and you can get more housework done when you are working from home – think again. If you are “working”, then you are “working” – at your job. Not on your housework.

You say you want to work from home so you can actually save money by not having to pay for gas, buy work clothes, or lunch away from home. OK, those are good arguments. Unfortunately, though, most work from home jobs do not pay more than $10 an hour. In fact, many pay even less. If you are thinking of starting up your own business, remember that there may be costs involved, and it may take time to get off the ground before the big bucks start rolling in. If they ever do.

Another deterrent – friends and family. They mean well, but when people know you are home, they want to come over. They also expect you to have time to run errands for them, because you are home. They don’t understand that you are home because you are working. To them, you working means you getting in your car and driving somewhere. What you are doing from home doesn’t count, or is not the same thing.

When you are on someone else’s clock, you are getting paid per hour. When you work from home, you usually only get paid for the work you actually submit. So, at a “real” job, when there is downtime, you are still getting paid. At home, when there is downtime, you’re not.

Don’t get me wrong – you can actually be successful while working from home. However, you should take all things into consideration. It is really not for everybody. It takes a lot more discipline than most would think.

One thing that I always make sure I do is to get up in the morning and “prepare” myself as I would for any other job. I shower and get dressed. Yes, I could spend the day in my PJs, and occasionally, I do. But, I recall my neighbor, who also works from home, one day opening the door for the UPS man in the middle of the day. And I certainly did not want to become what I saw her looking like. Sorry, but you can get a little too comfortable when you work from home. I  certainly don’t want to lose my sense of self.

Other than that, if you can truly dedicate your time to your “work from home” job, you’re good to go! You will have some work to do on getting others to understand. But, if you have the patience and the will to succeed, you can make it work out for you.